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    • I have been having Town & Country do my bee proofing for several years now. They always send me a reminder in the spring, which I appreciate because I lose track of when it’s the best time to bee proof. I have an acre property with a large garden and dozens of fruit trees, so bees can be a problem in my house and barn. The bee proofing done by Town & Country is well done. I get an all-season guarantee. This past year was the first time I actually had to call them back for a bee problem mid-season in my house. Some bees had found a tiny crack in the siding on my house near the roof and had built a nest in the wall of my house. I could hear them during the night in my bedroom. It took a while, and 2 more visits by Town & Country, to figure out where they were getting in, but eventually we found the spot. Town & Country then treated the area, which killed off the existing nest. I would definitely recommend Town & Country Pest Solutions to anyone looking for quality bee proofing.
      Janetta Morton
    • We've been a customer of Town and Country Pest Solutions for a year now. We moved into our house just over a year ago and the house had some unwanted pests. Town and Country has come out each time we needed them to take care of the pests. They have always exceeded our expectations in their customer service, both over the phone for scheduling as well as the technicians that have come out to our house. More companies need to be like them. Even more recently, we had a beyond the call of duty come up. We had some yellow jackets that we had noticed in our family room this past Sunday (day before Labor Day). Upon further investigation, we noticed that the window inside our family room the yellow jackets were flying to had numerous and very active yellow jackets flying outside that window. When we went outside, we noticed that the yellow jackets were entering inside our house through a hole in our caulking and had set up a nest inside our family room wall. Not wanting us or our kids to get stung, I called Town and Country. I knew they might not be open until Tuesday, the day after Labor Day, which was the case. So I emailed them to get them sprayed after they reopened. To my surprise, I received an email back shortly afterwards on Sunday and so our situation didn't get worse, they came out that afternoon and sprayed the nest. This was beyond the call of duty excellent customer service. I can't thank you enough for taking care of our issue. I'm absolutely sure it would have gotten worse if another few days went by. I didn't want to spray the nest myself in concern that the yellow jackets would find another exit (into my house like a few of them found). I can't recommend this pest company enough and have been very pleased with their service! I don't hesitate to mention and recommend them to friends and family. If you're on the fence about which pest company to go with...look no further. This is one very happy customer. Thank you and keep up the great work!
    • The guys were very polite and professional. They patiently listened to our ant "experience", and since a spraying was needed, they had to wait for my wife to finish getting ready so we could leave for awhile. They were thorough in their search et al, and we haven't seen another pest since (just a couple of dead ones in the area where we spotted them originally). We have ALWAYS had a great experience with this company and we always recommend them. Also, we have been customers for several decades and whenever we see a stray pest (every couple of years or so) they always come back FREE of charge without complaint or argument.
      Frank BeckerRochester, NY
    • The technician was excellent. Someone you would like to do business with and have in your home. He was very kind, helpful and knowledgeable about your product.
      Robert and Dona McCulloughVictor, NY
    • I think we have been using T&C for over 9 years. We have been happy with the service. Particularly pleased with the gentleman that serviced us this time. He seemed knowledgeable and willing to listen to the history of what has been an issue for us in the past regarding pests.
      Sharon BurkeRochester, NY
    • Mint.
      Jason MancusoRochester, NY

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