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    These “Cute” intruders are fast, strong, and have very sharp teeth. Not only are their jaws strong enough to crush bone, human contact should be avoided as they are known to be potential vectors of rabies. Raccoons also can do hundreds of dollars in damage to your home; If you notice any strange damage to your home, hear noises in your attic area or chimney flue, or even regular activity is noticed around your property, your home could be harboring a whole family of Raccoons and we can help.

    Our wildlife technicians are highly experienced in raccoon removal, and raccoon trapping. At Town & Country Pest Solutions we are proud to offer you the most effective raccoon removal techniques in all of New York state.

    Prices vary based on inspection.

    Contact Town & Country Pest Solutions Inc. immediately to set up your personalized service plan.

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    If you believe to have a raccoon problem one of our wildlife technicians will inspect the property and inform you of your options.

    Trapping: Using only the most effective traps or removal methods, our wildlife technician will locate, trap and remove any Raccoons quickly and humanely.

    Prevention: Once the Raccoons have been removed, our wildlife technician will inspect and inform you of any repairs or prevention methods that can be done in order to secure your property and eliminate any possibility of another Raccoon invasion.


    Our Raccoon services come with our full satisfaction guarantee. If they come back so do we!

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