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Dead Animal Removal

    Dead Animal Removal

    Unwanted Dead Animal Removal Experts

    Encountered an unpleasant odor or unsettling discovery? Town and Country Pest Solutions is your one-stop solution for safe and professional dead animal and wildlife removal. From deer and skunks to small rodents, we handle any situation, anywhere on your property – yards, homes, under decks, sheds, crawl spaces, attics, and even ponds. We are Rochester, NY’s professional dead animal removal experts.

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    Don't Risk The Dangers

    1. Unpleasant odors: Dead animals can attract flies and release potent smells, making your entire property unenjoyable.
    2. Health hazards: Decaying carcasses can harbor diseases and bacteria,
      posing a threat to you and your family, including spreading illness to other
      wildlife and pets.
    3. Legal concerns: Improper disposal of deceased wildlife violates local and state regulations. When encountering these issues, most people do not
      realize the difficulty of handling, picking up, transporting, and legal/proper
      disposal procedures and locations. Most disposal sites in our area also
      charge a 1 ton minimum fee to accept and dispose of larger animals.

    Let Us Handle The Unpleasant

    1. Trained & Equipped: Our certified technicians are fully equipped with the latest training, tools, and protective gear to remove and dispose of deceased animals safely.
    2. Comprehensive Services: We handle all aspects of the process, from locating and removing the animal to odor neutralization, disinfection, and customizing each client’s specific situation.
    3. Town & NYS Regulations: We ensure proper disposal according to local and
      state regulations, giving you peace of mind.

    Why Choose Town And Country?

    1. Same-day emergency service available: We’re here to help when you need it; dead animals and wildlife encounters don’t follow schedules.
    2. Fast Service: We arrive promptly and work efficiently to minimize disruption to
      your property and help create peace of mind.
    3. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand behind our work and ensure your complete satisfaction.

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    To learn more, please watch all our video content regarding dead animal removal. Contact Town and Country Pest Solutions today for a professional estimate! (585) 426-5024

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