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Pantry Pests

    Pantry Pests


    Have you been seeing little beetles or maybe even tiny moths in and around the areas you store food? These are  generally known as Pantry Pests or Stored Product Pests. Feeding off of cereals, grains, pastas, and flours, these little insects can cause big problems. The list of possible pantry pests include the Grain beetle, Flour beetle, Grain moth, and many more; once identified, our Town and Country technicians will know precisely how to solve your pest problem.

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    Our Technicians are trained to inspect for and identify any Pantry Pests you may come across. After identification of the insect, their known feeding habits will direct us in locating and removing any infested food products.

    Once the pest is identified, a treatment specific to your pest will be applied in order to eliminate the possibility of destroying your food products further.


    All treatments come with the Town and Country Guarantee!

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