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Winter Is Coming

    Winter Is Coming: 5 tips to keep your home pest free this winter

    I know it is hard to believe it but winter is coming, and if you thought your summer pest problems were bad then hold onto your horses. Before you know it there will be all types of critters trying to gain access to your warm home. Here at Town & Country Pest Solutions we want to help inform you on what you can do yourself as well what services we can provide to prevent your winter pest entry problem.

    Seal Entry Points

    It does not matter how many pest traps you have in your home, but if you do not seal their entry points then your problem will not cease. Sealing holes in your walls and foundation will help limit rodents as well as insects.

    DIY: Examine the exterior or your home for any holes or cracks. If they are small you can fill them with caulk or a foam, but if they are large you may have to repair the area.

    Town & Country Aid: If you feel it’s too much to tackle or if you are having trouble find entry points please call us. Our technicians are very skilled and have a ton of experience when it comes to finding and closing up entry points.

    The Chimney Check

    The chimney is not only great for keeping you and your family warm, but it also is the perfect place for critters to enter for shelter. We wouldn’t want Ole Saint Nick to be surprised when he’s coming down your chimney.

    DIY:  Check to make sure your chimney is empty. It has probably been a few months since you last used your chimney, and you do not want there to be any critters or debris in there when you fire it up.

    Town & Country Aid: Whether Raccoons, Squirrels, Bats, or Birds our technicians will remove the critter safely and quickly. We can also install a chimney cap and seal up holes in the step flashing which is another common entry point.

    Botany Bridges

    Did a branch fall onto your roof this summer or are there any trees touching the house, well now is the time to address it. Tree branches offer a perfect bridge from the outside to your home.

    DIY: Dont wait till the spring to trim your trees and bushes. Pests thrive in thick vegetation that will protect them from the elements. So make sure that your landscaping is at least two feet from your home.

    No Entry: Authorized Personnel Only

    One of the best ways to prevent critters from entering your home is making sure all doors and windows are properly sealed. Mice and Rats can fit into some shockingly small places. We have seen mice fit in a whole the size of a dime and rats into spaces the size of a quarter.

    DIY: Inspect your windows and doors. We have found one of the best ways to check the seal around doors is by turning off all the lights in the home and closing all curtains on windows.  We then look to see if there is any light escaping around the door. If you see light then you now know the right location that needs repaired.

    Town & Country Aid:  We highly recommend getting an exterior insect barrier on your home this fall. We will apply the barrier around all your doors and windows. This will help keep out all the spiders, lady bugs, ants and stink bugs from getting inside where it is warm.

    Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

    While that statement may not be proven true, keeping your house clean may be the #1 proven thing a homeowner can do to prevent pests this winter. Think about it, even leaving the smallest of crumbs out is like an invitation to pests who are already trying to get in. PCT (Pest Control Technology) Magazine just published an excellent article titled The Horrors of Hoarding which magnified the dangers and problems that come from living in an over cluttered environment, particularly that it “creates ideal conditions for pest infestations.”

    DIY: Make sure all your food is put away and in a sealed container, that goes for dog and cat food too. Wipe off counters, tables, and floors where any food may be, and do not leave trash bags lying around. Always keep trash bags in a sealed trash can.

    Town & Country Aid: If you think you have any pests or rodents in your kitchen please call us so we can investigate the situation. Our techs are highly experienced and can find any solution to your kitchen pest problem.

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