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Roaches and World Peace

    Roaches and World Peace

    Would you believe us if we told you that in some parts of the world roaches and people live together in relative peace? Yes, in many places across the globe roaches are so prevalent and heavily populated that people don’t have much choice but to cohabitate. Even more shocking to some people is the idea of buying a roach for a pet. Crazy right? Well, before we call anyone else crazy, first we would have to admit that we have a few of our own in the office. Don’t worry, they are contained. Probably the most shocking reality is that it is normal in some cultures to eat cockroaches. Yes, the opinions and tolerance of cockroaches varies greatly around the world.

    Let’s face it though, most people will never want anything to do with cockroaches. Not for pets, not for neighbors, and certainly not for food. We don’t blame you. It is the general opinion of the employees at Town & Country that there is some amazing beauty in the micro-world all around us. However, roaches are one of those insects that only get more disturbing and repulsive the closer you see them. What is probably more alarming about these tiny creatures is their ability to survive. Legend has it that the cockroach could literally survive a nuclear explosion. They were found in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Chernobyl immediately following those catastrophic nuclear moments in history.

    Besides their incredible ability to survive in the worst conditions, there are so many more terrible qualities that these greasy little, sometimes big, insects possesses. Here are just a few… There are currently over 4,000 different species of cockroaches cohabitating this planet with us. Knowing that some of those species can live for up to 10 years probably doesn’t make anyone any happier. According to Guinness World Records the largest cockroach ever found was 3.8 inches long. We recommend not pulling out a tape measure right now. Grossed out yet? Stay with us, it gets worse. These survival experts don’t like living alone. They have disgusting ways of communicating to their cohorts when one finds a healthy supply of food to feed the whole colony.

    About the only positive thing we can say about roaches is that we generally are only dealing with the German Cockroach here in Upstate NY. We provide some useful information for eradicating them on our roach Identify a Pest page, and always recommend starting your research there if you believe you are dealing with them.

    So how can we win the fight against these resilient little monsters? Did drowning them come to mind? Well, not to burst your bubble, but once again the cockroach defies laws of nature and can come out of a 30 minute submersion with only a little grogginess to show for it. Decapitation? Wow! Torture much? Well, if that is the route you choose I feel I should warn you, that they’ll do even better than a chicken with it’s head cut off. They can live for an entire week like the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow eventually only succumbing because of dehydration.

    Here is what we suggest. If you have a severe infestation we always recommend calling us immediately before the problem continues to grow. Remember, these are not clean little bugs, but instead leave a heavy amount of feces wherever they inhabit, and because they can move so quickly they spread their filth all over the buildings they inhabit.

    Here are the ways that you can prevent a cockroach and his friends from moving in with you.

    • Cut off their food supply. If you regularly leave food out, you are basically inviting a cockroach into your home. This means you need to wash dishes promptly and store food in sealed containers.

    • Keep your trash outside and away from the exterior of your home if possible. Especially garbage that comes from your kitchen filled with food. Leaving trash near the exterior walls attracts them to the home where they can enter through any unsealed holes.

    Warning: the video below is not for those with weak stomachs. Unfortunately this is what happens when a roach infestation gets out of control.

    La Cucaracha

    For those of you whose love for cockroaches is still unwavering, we sympathize with your family and friends but would like to reward you with these gems we found while researching the internet.

    SCUTTLE, scuttle, little roach—
    How you run when I approach:
    Up above the pantry shelf,
    Hastening to secrete yourself.

    Most adventurous of vermin,
    How I wish I could determine
    How you spend your hours of ease,
    Perhaps reclining on the cheese.

    Cook has gone, and all is dark—
    Then the kitchen is your park:
    In the garbage heap that she leaves
    Do you browse among the tea leaves?

    How delightful to suspect
    All the places you have trekked:
    Does your long antenna whisk its
    Gentle tip across the biscuits?

    Do you linger, little soul,
    Drowsing in our sugar bowl?
    Or, abandonment most utter,
    Shake a shimmy on the butter?

    Do you chant your simple tunes
    Swimming in the baby’s prunes?
    Then, when dawn comes, do you slink
    Homeward to the kitchen sink?

    Timid roach, why be so shy?
    We are brothers, thou and I.
    In the midnight, like yourself,
    I explore the pantry shelf!

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    We have no explanation for this next video but we promise you’ll be singing along in no time.

    If that’s not enough, have you seen the movie “Joe’s Apartment?”

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