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Pest of the Month: Spiders

    Pest of the Month: Spiders

    Pest of the Month: Spiders

    Everyone’s favorite creepy crawly has to be the spider.  Not only do they look scary, but they are rumored to bite humans in their sleep. Here are a few facts to get your more acquainted with our 8 legged friends.

    1. Cobwebs are nothing but abandoned spider webs.

    2. Spiders are just as closely related to crustaceans like lobsters as they are to insects. They all fall under the phylum of Arthropods.

    3. Some jumping spiders can actually see UVA and UVB light.

    4. Black Widow spiders don’t cannibalize their boyfriends. The male actually force feeds himself to his mate by placing himself in the mandibles of the female and will keep returning until she eats him. Giving a new meaning to the word whipped.

    5. The results are in and spider silk actually is stronger than steel for its weight.

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