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Bed Bugs


A few identifiers of bedbug activity.

The Danger

These little bugs can cause significant damage.

The Solution

A guarantee like no other.

Is it a Bed Bug?


If you think you may have a Bed Bug problem here are a few identifiers of Bedbug activity.


Bedbugs tend to feed on tender areas such as neck, face, thigh arms, lower back. Sometimes multiple bites are found in one location. Only up to 40% of the population have any reaction to bites.

Blood Stains

Either bedbug feces or blood stains from feeding, these marks are usually the first indicators of bedbug activity but may be difficult to locate


Throughout their lifetime bedbugs molt from their exoskeleton 5 times leaving behind evidence of their activity.


Only 1 mm in length and usually in discreet locations, eggs are signs of population growth and a female may lay up to 500 in her lifetime.

Live Bedbugs

Finding a live bedbug in your bed or on commonly used furniture is a definite sign of activity and likely a sign of a well established population. Try to take photos or save the bug to ensure a positive identification.


How bad can it get?

The irritation that a bedbug bite may induce is reason enough to eradicate them,
but these little bugs can cause significant damage.


Bedbugs will continue populating in an established area as long as their means of survival are present. Infestations can cause unsightly damage to your belongings and even destroy bedding, clothing, furniture, walls etc.


Although bites alone may cause significant irritation, some people are highly allergic and could be hospitalized due to their reaction. Bedbugs have been known to be carriers but not transmitters of diseases, but new information is showing there are some possible means by which diseases such as Chagas may be transmitted by bedbug activity.


Besides the monetary loss of discarding infested items, self treatment methods and over the counter pesticides often provide only temporary results, if any at all.


An infestation can make you feel like a prisoner in your own home. Bed bug activity can cause sleep deprivation, stress, embarrassment, or the inability to invite friends and family over.

T&C to the Rescue

Why You Should Hire Town & Country

You find a pest,
We’ll do the rest.



Town & Country technicians are the best in the business when it comes to bedbug detection, they have the knowledge and training to quickly identify any bed bug activity. If we confirm a bed bug issue and apply a same day application, your inspection fee is waved.



Our goal is to provide a simple and effective solution to get you back to normal life. With little to no preparation on your part, our technicians are able to apply a thorough, mess free, treatment that gets you back into your home in the same day.


Follow Up

After completing our treatment, we will schedule a follow up visit to come and make sure your home is bed bug free.


A Guarantee Like No Other

Your bed bug service will come with a 6-12 month full satisfaction guarantee. Any follow-up visits or further services in that time are completely cost free to you. Our goal is to solve your problem once and for all.

What our clients say about us

  • David was fantastic - he explained everything to us and was extremely helpful and professional. We would recommend to everyone! Thank you again!
    Somerset CompaniesSyracuse, NY
  • Jordan was helpful & courteous.. with an embarrassing problem in our home. Thank you.
    Eric RowlandsNorth Chili, NY
  • He was prompt and professional. I was very happy with him.
    Cheryl GruschowHoneoye Falls, NY
  • I work with clients in the community that sometimes have issues with roaches and bed bugs. I learned of your service through a colleague who had good luck. I appreciated the customer service you provided to my agency and the customer. The ability to provide the services and then allow the County time to pay the bill was much appreciated. I will most certainly use your service in the future whether it be through my professional duties or personal.
    Onondaga County Adult ProtectiveSyracuse, NY
  • The service we receive is always top notch!
    SnyderPark Village ApartmentsBuffalo, NY
  • After treatment we haven't seen any bugs or are gotten bitten its only been few weeks so hoping we dont need further treatment. 🙂
    Kaelin LittleSyracuse, NY


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