Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs


Stink Bugs are known as occasional intruders, meaning our homes are not the ideal habitat for their thriving although it does offer some benefits being indoors. For us, this means that a treatment process must deal with the present insects as well as prevent further intrusion.

When facing an issue with stink bugs, our technicians look to treat areas and spaces that these pests harbor or could gain entry through. Generally, these are areas such as window frames, door frames or attic areas among many other possibilities that our technician will familiarize themself with before the application process.

Applications may be done both indoor and outdoor depending on the season and your unique circumstances. The treatments effectively eliminate any existing Stink Bugs as well as prevent further invasion throughout the season.


Our stink bug service comes with our full satisfaction guarantee. If they come back so do we. This guarantee lasts 4 months from the original date of service.

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