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BurrowRX Outside Rodent

    BurrowRX Outside Rodent

    Stop Burrowing Rodents in Their Tracks with BurrowRX and your Wildlife Specialist at Town and Country Pest Solutions Inc.

    Tired of unwelcome guests digging up your yard and causing damage? Town and Country Pest Solutions offers a powerful and effective solution: BurrowRX, the ultimate weapon against burrowing rodents like rats, voles, and moles.

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    Are you a landlord or commercial property manager?

    Why BurrowRX?

    1. Directly targets rodents: BurrowRX reaches rodents deep within their burrow systems, eliminating them where they live, and the results are immediate when they are present in the tunnels. This is why this program works well with all standard removal methods.
    2. No bait dependence: Forget picky eaters! BurrowRX eliminates rodents regardless of their bait preferences.
    3. Safe for non-target species: Worried about harming other animals? BurrowRX poses no threat to scavengers, predators, or pets. Once the treatment ends, leaves NO trace of residual pesticides that could harm non-targeted pests.
    4. Minimal handling: Leave the dirty work to us. BurrowRX minimizes the need to handle rodents after treatment, reducing disease risk.
    5. Highly effective: Get instant results with BurrowRX’s proven efficacy against a wide range of burrowing pests
    6. EPA Registered & approved in NY by the NYSDEC: Rest assured knowing the BurrowRX is a safe, humane, and effective pest control device approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. D.E.C Certified Pest Control Applicators here in NYS can only handle and use this product.

    The BurrowRX is just one part of our strategy:

    We understand that successful rodent control requires a multi-pronged approach. That’s why we combine BurrowRX with:

    1. Having an on-site visit by one of our Wildlife Control Specialists is one of the most important steps in solving this issue. A specialist will be able to hear your concerns, customize a plan based on the environment surrounding your property, and set clear expectations on follow-up visits and desired results with the client.
    2. Traditional methods: Baits and traps play a crucial role in catching any rodents that escape the BurrowRX treatment.
    3. Environmental modifications: We’ll identify and address factors attracting rodents, such as food sources, shelter, and water access, to prevent future infestations with the client.

    No matter what you’ve tried or read about non-successful removal, NOW is the time to trust the Town and Country Pest Solutions local experts to take back your yard once and for all.

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    To learn more, please watch all our video content regarding the BurrowRX to help you with all burrowing rodents. Contact Town and Country Pest Solutions today for a professional assessment and quote. (585) 426-5024


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