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#diy vs. #ddiy

    #diy vs #ddiy

    There are many instances where our customers will call us with a pest emergency and we will actually give them a “do-it-yourself” solution. This may seem counterproductive to your standard business model, but not ours. Town & Country Pest Solutions Inc. is in business because we are passionate about pest control and genuinely want to help the good people of Upstate New York. This is a family tradition that started with our founder and owner Matt Fabry, and was passed on to his son and current Operations Manager Caleb Fabry.

    Mice, like many of the other pests you may be forced to deal with, are no exception. There are dozens of pages online that will give you great tips and tools for eradicating mice and even rats, if you make the unfortunate discovery that they’re making you home their own. We are not the least bit afraid of sharing some do-it-yourself (#diy) mice eradication methods with you.

    First, have you visited our Identify a Pest page yet? You will find this resource to be a valuable tool for learning vital information on identifying a pest and the further steps necessary to eradicate them. As stated on our page, the first step is identifying. Have you seen a live mouse? If not, have you seen mice droppings or tracks?

    So now you are certain you have mice. We are genuinely sorry to hear that. Next step, you need to find out what is attracting them. Most likely they have found a food source within your home. Don’t be surprised or embarrassed, it’s what they are known for. In fact, the word “mouse” is derived from the word “thief.” Female mice need this food to reproduce up to 120 baby mice in one year. Do you have pets? Mice are not above eating your dog or cat food. Cutting off their food source immediately should be your first concern. Because of their lack of bladder control they easily contaminate food causing a variety of sickness and other health threats.

    After cutting off food supply, you need to locate and close all of the openings in your home that a mouse can enter through. Be thorough and make sure you seal even the smallest holes as mice will have no problem squeezing through a quarter inch crack with their soft cartilages.

    Lastly, you will need to purchase mice traps to put at all possible entry points. These traps work well when combined with state-approved mice bait placed in all high traffic areas. You can find these tools at many of your local hardware stores, and they can even be purchased from our office.

    If you find all this to be quite arduous, you can always try a more simple, proven, and guaranteed method. Call or email us today and we will send our highly trained technician(s) to your home equipped with all the traps, baits, and experience necessary to rid your home of these unwanted guests.

    As Christmas approaches quickly and with it a huge checklist of things to do, don’t let these little “outlaws” stop you from sharing your home with the “inlaws.” Call us today!


    We’re not saying that catching mice and rats will always be this fun, but hey, you never know. #ddiy

    Contact Town & Country for a quote today!

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