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Pest of the Month: Stink Bugs

    Pest of the Month: Stink Bugs

    Pest of the Month: Stink Bugs

    Its that time of the year again when stink bugs start entering our homes like we’re a insect hotel open for business.  These insects, though they may be harmless, have become a nuisance these last few years and their numbers are only continuing to grow.

    1. Stink bugs are from Asia and were accidentally brought to the US in 1998. With the 1st stink bug being found in Pennsylvania.

    2. Stink bugs do not have a natural predator and that is why their numbers have been growing. Birds and reptiles have just now started to eat stink bugs.

    3. Organized much? Stink bugs lay their eggs under leaves in extremely organized patterns.

    4. Stink bugs enjoy eating fruits, and in 2010 caused severe damage to many apple orchards across the country.

    5. They love the color Yellow. Research has shown that if you leave something yellow out in your yard might keep stink bugs from wanting to get inside your home.

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