Pest of the Month: Asian Lady Beetles

Pest of the Month:
Ladybugs or Asian Lady Beetles

Every year T&C receives several many calls to help customers with their Ladybug problems, but is the problem Ladybugs? Here in Upstate NY the kind and helpful ladybugs are constantly being misrepresented by their nasty cousins the Asian Lady Beetle (ALB). Together let’s learn the difference between the two.

  1. Asian Lady Beetles are orange and Ladybugs are red.

  1. The difference is in the cheeks. ALBs have large white spots on their cheeks (Thorax).

  2. ALBs were introduced in the late 1900s by the USDA to help control agricultural pests like aphids.

  3. Unlike Ladybugs, ALB are aggressive and have been known to bite people.

  4. Not only do they bite, but people have been know to get allergic reactions to these beetles. Reactions range from hives, asthma, coughing, and even eye problems.

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