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The Rodent Program

    The Rodent Program

    Program Available Separately

    Hello and thank you so much for reaching out to us today!

    We can definitely help you with your issue with mice/rodents as we
    have a team of highly trained  technicians that will take care of
    these specific needs.  We also have some helpful videos regarding
    both mice/rodents:

    50% OFF For Everything Package Customers

    Our rodent program will greatly reduce the population around the exterior of the home, and also prevent them from getting inside the home. Please have a look at the handouts attached as these go into great detail about what you can expect from the technician and any frequently asked questions when it comes to this issue!

    Once reviewed,  please let me know if you have any additional questions or if you would like to get set up!


    The Rodent Program’s Initial Service Package starts at $495 + tax.

    The Initial Program includes:

    • 3 service visits [clean out and control process]
    • Up to 6 low-profile interior bait stations, placed strategically within the home.
    • Installation of high-quality, tamper-proof, exterior bait stations
    • First 4 months of rodent coverage

    Expand your pest coverage and prevention:

    If you are interested in our rodent program, ask about our Everything Package, which protects your home against 45+ common household pests (bees, wasps, ants, spiders, stink bugs, etc.)

    Everything Package customers receive a discount on Rodent Program initial services.

    Rodent maintenance services begin at $69 + tax per visit. [Price may increase with additional stations, service needs, or travel

    Maintenance service includes:

    • Rodent station maintenance [document activity, clean stations, replenish bait]
    • Routine inspection of home’s perimeter for new access points
    • Extension of rodent coverage on your home for the following 3 months.

    Maintenance services are joined with the Rodent Program set up.

    • If a customer does not intend to continue with maintenance visits, they must call or email our office to cancel ongoing services.
    • Customers who do not wish to continue maintenance services will have their exterior stations removed at the end of the warrantied period.
    • Station Removal will revoke any warranty provided by the base program.
    • Issues which arise following removal of stations require a reset of the program.

    Maintenance is performed on a Quarterly interval. [1 visit / 3 months]

    • If your property indicates excessive activity, or a high threat of reinfestation, the servicing technician may find more frequent visits are needed at the outset of your program, to gain control.
    • Frequency of visits are determined at the discretion of the servicing technician and are required to maintain the warranty on your home.

    Contact Town & Country for a quote today!

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