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Bird Control Service Commercial and Residential

    Bird Control Service Commercial and Residential

    Don’t Let Birds Take Flight With Your Peace of Mind:

    Town & Country Pest Solutions is Here

    Are feathered foes causing chaos? At Town & Country Pest Solutions, we’re not just another Pest, Bird, or Wildlife Control Company. We’re bird control specialists; we are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and tools to handle every bird challenge, from pigeons on your porch and geese in your yard to starlings in your silo. We do not harm or kill birds; all our bird removal techniques, tools, and equipment are used in ways that move the birds along from unwanted areas by sealing holes, blocking off areas to nest and roost, eliminating easy food/water sources, and making places undesirable and the reason they want to be there. With this approach, the birds simply move on to a better location.

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    Why Choose Us?

    1. Unparalleled Expertise: Our dedicated bird control team has years of experience tackling even the most complex bird problems. We can predict potential issues and plan ahead for lasting solutions.
    2. Safety First: We prioritize proper PPE and fall protection for every job, ensuring the safety of our technicians and your property. Our diversified fleet includes ladders, lifts, and a 90ft reach spider lift for those hard-to-reach areas.
    3. Top-of-the-Line Tools: We invest in hundreds of industry-leading tools, guaranteeing reliable, timely work with aesthetically pleasing finishes. You won’t be left with repairs uglier than the bird problem itself!
    4. Insured, Licensed, & Certified: We’re NYSDEC-licensed pest control applicators, licensed wildlife specialists, and active members of the NWCOA for continuous education and regulatory compliance nationwide. We have the highest insurance premiums to ensure the protection of any home, HOA, building, or situation of any property or bird issue.
    5. Respectful & Ethical: We adhere to all federal and state bird protection laws, obtaining necessary permits and employing humane control methods for every species.
    6. Comprehensive Solutions: We handle commercial, residential, ponds, hospitals, and agricultural bird control across all property types. Our expertise extends to eliminating bird-borne pests like mites and fleas.
    7. Cleaning & Disinfection: We understand the health risks of bird droppings and nesting materials. We have the equipment and expertise for proper cleaning, disinfection, and disease control to protect your family, pets, and home. This important step should not be overlooked when eliminating pheromones that attract and can cause high pressure for birds to return.
    8. Professional Bird Net Installation: We’re certified bird net installers, working closely with manufacturers to ensure effective, visually appealing installations with warranties, renewals, and maintenance plans. When bird nets are installed by T&C, our partnership certifications with manufacturers allow the manufacturer warranties on products to go into effect.
    9. Custom Metal Bending and Scribing: Our professional metal brakes allow us to create permanent, custom bird exclusions that blend seamlessly with your existing structures.
    10. One-Stop Solution: We handle everything from initial assessment to final repairs, eliminating the need for multiple contractors. We offer bird trip wires, spikes, shock tracks, repellents, non-physical hazing devices, and more, ensuring a tailored solution for every bird and every situation.

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    To learn more, please watch all our video content regarding Bird control to help you understand how we can help. Contact Town and Country Pest Solutions today for a professional assessment and quote. (585) 426-5024



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