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    Receiving their name from their shiny appearance and swimming-like movements, Silverfish can prove to be a tough insect to eliminate on your own. These pests prefer a high-moisture environment and may be found in bathrooms or basements, but humidity issues in attic spaces or wall voids could also be the cause of prolonged activity. Thoroughness is key when eliminating silverfish from a home.

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    Our experienced Technicians are equipped with all the necessary tools and know-how to eliminate any pest problem found in your home. After fully understanding the extent of your pest issue, our service plan can be customized specifically for you.

    Upon arrival a Town & Country Technician will inspect your home to identify and locate the main areas of concern. Equipped with gathered information and the proper tools, our treatment will target any Silverfish nesting, feeding or travel sites.


    All treatments come with the Town and Country Guarantee!

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