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Carpenter Ants

    Carpenter Ants


    Have you heard the saying “There’s never just one” when talking about insects in the home? Well, when it comes to Carpenter Ants, that saying is usually quite accurate. Carpenter Ants are among some of the more destructive pests that we deal with on a daily basis, and where there’s one, there’s more. Normally, we see the ants who are out foraging for food and water, but what you don’t see is the majority of their population doing some construction work in your walls, window-frames, roof, or deck. Fortunately, at Town and Country, we get every last one.

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    Our experienced Technicians are equipped with all the necessary tools and know-how to eliminate any pest problem found in your home. After fully understanding the extent of your pest issue, our service plan can be customized specifically for you.

    Refer to Indoor and Outdoor Treatment tabs for more detailed information.

    Indoor Treatment

    During a thorough inspection, our technician will be gathering any information on your experience and where you have noticed Carpenter Ant activity most frequently and recently. Once the areas of activity are understood or the nest itself has been located, we will begin the application process.

    Treating a nest directly can be the most effective way of solving an Ant issue, however not all infestations of Carpenter Ants are so simple. In circumstances where the colony cannot be located or cases of multiple colonies on a property, a single direct application may not be the most effective for solving your issue. Residual applications, virtually undetectable to ants, to areas of travel or activity along with Baiting applications are options our technician may believe is right for you. Although not applied specifically to a colony, these products are carried directly to the nest from the ants themselves and, with a bit of time, will eliminate the pest issue altogether.

    Outdoor Treatment

    Once the main issue is dealt with in the house, we want to make sure that the Carpenter ants do not return. For this, we apply what we like to call a “Barrier” treatment. This is a perimeter treatment applied around the foundation of the home and to any locations Carpenter ants may gain access to the home through.

    Due to the fact that these industrial little insects are always looking to expand, your home may be at risk of continual reinfestation. Satellite nests are colonies that have split off from the main nest in order to cover more ground or to control a location abundant in food or water. These main nests can exist up to 100 yards away and the Queen ant may survive up to 28 years! Since they are persistent, our treatments need to be as well.

    This preventative treatment may be repeated annually to renew our full year guarantee against these destructive insects.


    All treatments come with the Town and Country Guarantee!

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