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Pest of the Month: roaches

    Pest of the Month: Roaches

    Pest of the Month: Roaches

    Our January Pest of the Month is the Cockroach.  Cockroaches may very well be one of the most famous insects infesting kitchens all around the world. Here at T&C we wanted to take a moment and inform you on some exciting facts about our friend the cockroach.

    1. Hungry? A roach can live up to a month without food.

    2. When roaches mate some of the females can remain pregnant for life.

    3. No scuba gear, no problem. A roach can hold its breath for over 30 minutes.

    4. We have all seen how quick they can run, & that’s because a roach can run up to 3 mph.

    5. A cockroach can live up to one week without its head.

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