GROUNDHOGS (Woodchucks)


Groundhogs: What you need to know

Identifying Characteristics

  • Groundhogs generally measure 20 inches in length with a 7 inch tail
  • They are usually brownish gray, with a compact, chunky body that is supported by short strong legs
  • Their forefeet have long, curved claws that are well adapted for digging burrows
  • Their tails are short, well furred, and dark brown

Active Season

  • Groundhogs are most active during mating season in March and April, but can be seen anytime throughout the year

Interesting Facts

  • During warm seasons, a Groundhog may pack in more than a pound of vegetation at one sitting
  • Groundhog burrows can meander underground for 20 feet or more and as much as 6 feet deep

Cause for Concern

  • Groundhogs eat garden or field crops and can cause considerable damage in a very short period of time
  • Their burrow systems are regarded as problems on agricultural land, as farm equipment can be damaged when coming in contact with a dirt mound

Town & Country Can Help

Customer Preparation

  • Please be able to point out the area that you have been seeing the Groundhog. If you will not be home for the treatment, please provide us with a thorough description or clearly mark the area of concern

Our Guarantee

  • Town &¬†Country Pest Solutions offers a guarantee that is above the industry average on every pest that we treat. Please contact our office for specific guarantee offers

Contact Us Immediately

If you have any evidence or any suspicion that this pest is around your property do NOT hesitate to contact us before the problem gets out of control.

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Groundhog Media Gallery

At Town & Country Pest Solutions we have gone through great lengths to better understand the pests that we encounter.¬†Photos and videos have been an important tool in our research and we have included them here to help you¬†“identify your¬†pest.”

All our images and video are copyright and are property of Town & Country Pest Solutions. Do not duplicate without written permission. Email our on-staff photographer, Ryan, if you would like permission to use or purchase any of our media.

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