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6 Reasons for us to work together


We are Friendly

We strive to have great working partnerships with whoever we service.


We are 100% Independent

Don’t pay the extra amount to have some chain pest control company come to do what we can already do quicker and more efficiently.


We are a YouTube sensation

Several of our videos have been viewed more than 100,000 times. Our most popular is now over 2,000,000.


We are Environmentally Friendly

Whenever possible, we will use all natural products that will not have a negative effect on your properties eco-system.


We are talented

A member of our staff made it to the finals¬†on America’s Ninja Warrior.


We are intelligent

We have invented our own treatments. We are leading the industry in chemical production.


We are Town & Country

This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out
to eradicate our region of the most annoying pests.

What our customers say about us

  • I used Town & Country Pest Solutions for a mouse problem. They plugged up a few holes outside the house and put out a few poison blocks. They are fantastic and I have not had a problem in one year since I used them last. After they plugged up the holes and put out the poison I have not had a problem since.
    Anees Fazili
  • I would definitely recommend Town &¬†Country Pest Solutions to anyone looking for quality bee proofing. (more…)
    Janetta Morton
  • I was well satisfied and will continue to use Town & Country for any future problems. (more…)
    Michael Grenier
  • He gave a lot of great information about how the wasps move around and how to remove it after the week was up. (more…)
    Patricia Jeffers
  • They do a bang up job, always thorough...kill'em or remove'em!
    Mark Palma
  • Thanks so much to Pat & JP for their reassuring visit yesterday!

We have appeared on National TV

Because of our passion for excellence, and our unique approach to business, we have appeared on local and national TV. Below are just a few of the TV programs that have featured our company.