Stink Bug Application


The very best time to treat is before they begin the hibernation process, this takes place in the fall before it’s cold. If you wait until winter or spring we can treat, but it will be more reactionary than being proactive.

The treatment is applied to all areas on the outside that stink bugs generally like to hide at night or where they will hang out during the day. These areas are around windows, doors, soffits, chimneys, fireplaces, vents, foundation area, certain places on siding, and any other areas the technicians feel necessary. Generally, stinks bugs congregate on the side of the house that has the most sun

If the inside is being treated we will treat around windows, doors, vents or other areas we may find that they could be entering.

Treatments start at $185

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The barrier outside will kill 100% of the stink bugs on contact or in places that they regularly land or rest. Any that are in hidden places will be eliminated once they emerge from those locations. This can take up to 2 weeks for all other stink bugs to die.


Our stink bug service comes with our full satisfaction guarantee. If they come back so do we. This guarantee lasts 4 months from the original date of service.

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