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Town & Country Solutions is New York’s most recommended bat removal experts. With over 75 years of combined experience we are more than confident we can solve all your bat problems. Its no secret that bats carry harmful diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis, and having them in your attic will may not only cause a health hazard but also cause your property value to decrease.

If you’re having a problem with bats in your home, attic, or walls you’re not alone. There are thousands of homeowners who struggle with bats every year. Bats are much smaller than you may think, allowing them to enter in the smallest of gaps in your home. Our bat experts will not only remove the bats in a safe and humane way, but we will also seal and repair any entry points. Assuring you that your problem will be forever fixed.

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Bat Guano and the Danger of Histoplasmosis

Histoplasmosis is a disease caught when inhaling spores of the histoplasma fungus. This disease is not contagious from people to people, but the disease can affect many people who may not even know they are at risk.


Within the first few days the disease will first affect the lungs, and many times people with the disease have no or very mild symptoms.  Around 10 days after exposure, most will begin to suffer from flu-like symptoms. With symptoms like: chest pain, fever, dry cough, loss of appetite, headache, impaired vision, shortness of breath, and sometimes even joint and muscle pains. With the symptoms being so vague, many have been exposed to the disease without knowing it.


Most of the time the disease will run its course, and most infected people will assume they had a case of the flu. Some cases are more serious. It can lead to long-term illness, that will resemble tuberculosis, and if not treated sometimes be fatal.


If you are someone with a weakened immune system, you may be more susceptible to getting histoplasmosis. Also, if you have had this disease in the past you are prone to reinfection after another exposure. This is especially true for those with compromised immune systems, the elderly, and the very young.

Service Options We Provide for You

At Town & Country Solutions we are proud to offer you the most innovative bat removal techniques in all of New York state.  If you believe to have a bat problem we will have one of our wildlife experts inspect the property and inform you of our options.


   *Bat Removal – If a bat has entered your home or attic, our experts have the tools and the knowledge needed to remove the bat humanely.


   *Bat Removal & Exclusion – If you have bats living in your home, you do not want to call us to wait before it’s too late. Our experts have a plethora of bat removal and exclusion tools at their disposal. Once the bats have left, we will return to seal or repair all bat entry points. Assuring you that your problem will be forever fixed.


   *Removal of Bat Guano – Bat guano (droppings) not only smells bad, but it can cause illnesses like Histoplasmosis. Upon your bat inspection if guano is found in your home, it is highly recommended to have a professional remove it right away. Town & Country Solutions has the experience and knowledge to safely remove this hazardous waste out of your home, keeping you and your family safe!

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