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Which Cockroach Species Cannot Survive Outside Of Man Made Structures?

    Which Cockroach Species Cannot Survive Outside Of Man Made Structures?

    Which Cockroach Pests Cannot Survive Outside Of Manmade Structures, And Which Outdoor Cockroach Pests Can Readily Establish Permanent And Reproductive Indoor Populations?

    Along with ants, bed bugs, and flies, cockroaches are the most commonly managed insect pests within both residential and commercial structures. Of the 4,000 or more cockroach species that have been documented worldwide, only a little more than 70 can be found in the United States, the majority of which dwell in undisturbed habitats where they are very rarely encountered by humans. Only around a dozen cockroach species in the US are known for being chronic indoor pests, and surprisingly, almost all of these roach pests are non-native species that originate from tropical regions. The cockroach species that invade structures in the US can be divided into three groups known as “domestic,” “peridomestic,” and “occasional invader” pests. All domestic and peridomestic cockroach pests in the US are non-native species that are capable of living indoors indefinitely, while occasional invaders can only survive within the natural environment.

    Four non-native cockroach species serve as the dominant roach pests of homes and buildings in virtually every human-populated area within the contiguous US. These roach pest species are commonly known as American, brown-banded, German, and Oriental cockroaches, and each of these species are frequently found within structures of all types throughout the state of New York. German and brown-banded cockroaches are the only two roach species that have adapted to dwelling solely indoors where they rely only on human food scraps and their cunning to survive. These two roach pest species are entirely domesticated, as they are unable to survive outdoors, and infestations start when humans unknowingly transport adult, larval or egg specimens into their home within boxes, grocery bags, newspapers, and other items that are made largely of paper. German cockroaches are the most commonly managed cockroach pests in all areas of the country, while the brown-banded species is the least commonly managed of the four primary roach pest species.

    In New York state, the large American cockroach species is the second most commonly managed indoor roach pest within residential homes, and it’s the most common roach pest of commercial buildings, particularly restaurants and grocery stores. Both American and Oriental cockroach pest species prefer to remain outdoors, but they can readily establish reproductive populations indoors. Cockroach pest species that frequently alternate between indoor and outdoor habitats are known as peridomestic species. Occasionally, a small number of native cockroach pests that have not adapted to indoor conditions will find their way indoors, especially during the fall when the pests seek warm shelter from increasingly cold weather. These native roach pests are aptly known as occasional invaders, and the most common species of this kind in New York is the Pennsylvania wood cockroach.

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