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Why Are Cockroach Infestations So Frequent In Upstate New York Structures

    Why Are Cockroach Infestations So Frequent In Upstate New York Structures

    Generally, those living outside of New York state are aware that roach pest issues are to be expected in apartment buildings located in the Big Apple, but very few outsiders know that upstate homes also see an unusually high rate of cockroach infestations. Given New York City’s dense population, which exceeds 8 million people, cockroaches have no problem thriving in the city. Although these big city roaches have an overabundance of food, shelter and other easily accessible resources, areas in the city often become overcrowded with roaches, prompting the pests to migrate to less populous areas nearby.

    The most significant cockroach pest species in the country all arrived in the US centuries ago on wooden ships. These ships arrived at the NY and NJ port, allowing them to establish a thriving population within New York City. Over time the city’s roach population radiated throughout the entire state, and this may be why roach pests are abundant in all areas of the state today. However, cockroaches are not the fastest moving insect pests, as Oriental cockroaches are well known for their slow and sluggish movements, and German cockroaches are unable to fly, their habitat limited to indoor areas. Then again, studies have shown that American cockroaches can disperse as far as 350 feet within sewer tunnels in less than 2 weeks, and in response to overcrowding, and excessively hot days, American cockroaches cool off by taking flight to new areas.

    Perhaps most significant, those living in New York City are highly likely to inadvertently transport cockroaches and/or egg cases to new areas. This is because roaches, particularly German roaches, hitch rides in a variety of items, including stacks of paper, cardboard boxes, brown paper grocery bags, plant matter, and luggage. The German, American and Oriental cockroach species are all common house pests in upstate New York, and roach pests are particularly common in upstate New York apartments. The German cockroach and the brown-banded cockroach, another species found in upstate New York, both dwell primarily indoors. Less common species include the Pennsylvania woods cockroach and the Tawny cockroach, both of which are known for swarming around porch and street lights in the northeastern states, causing a serious nuisance for upstate New York homeowners.

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