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How To Eliminate Cockroaches That Hide In Wall Voids And The Voids Below Kitchen And Bathroom Cabinets

    How To Eliminate Cockroaches That Hide In Wall Voids And The Voids Below Kitchen And Bathroom Cabinets

    While many people claim that it is irrational to fear insects and spiders based solely on their unsettling appearance, being disgusted by, or fearful of cockroaches is definitely a good thing. This is because cockroaches are more than just ugly creepy-crawlies, as roaches are now understood to be a significant source of indoor allergens, and they have long been known to spread numerous disease-causing microorganisms. The four primary cockroach species that are pests in New York state include German, American, Oriental and brown-banded cockroaches. All four of these species are associated with the spread of pathogens and allergens, but both the German and brown-banded species are the only cockroach pests that live primarily indoors.

    The German cockroach is easily the most commonly encountered and most commonly managed cockroach pest within homes in all areas of the US, and they are skilled at remaining hidden within homes where they reproduce rapidly. All cockroaches are known for congregating within indoor areas that are dark and hard-to-access, but given the German cockroach’s indoor habitat, this species has evolved to establish harborages within inaccessible locations, such as wall voids, ceiling voids and voids located beneath kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

    While baiting systems are favored for the remedial control of German cockroaches, insecticidal dusts are ideal for eliminating cockroaches that gather within inaccessible indoor areas. Pest control professionals may inject insecticidal dusts into wall voids through available cracks and crevices, but in some cases, small holes must be drilled to inject dust. Insecticidal dusts also provide residual control of cockroach pests, and dusts are one of the safest forms of insecticide to use around humans and pets. Insecticidal dusts adhere to the bodies of cockroaches and they are absorbed when cockroaches groom themselves. Insecticidal dusts should be applied to crevices along the edges and corners of cabinets, beneath appliances and beneath kitchen sinks.

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