Wasp/Hornet/Yellow jacket Treatment

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Our family and pet friendly treatments are guaranteed to solve your pest problem and keep your property safe!

Stinging invaders cause problems for everyone. So whether these pests are building a nest near the ground or at the highest part of your property. Town & Country has all the state of the art equipment giving us the advantage to solve any problem at your home.

Treatments start at $125

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Covered Insects

The wasp barrier covers wasps, yellow jackets, european yellow jackets, bald faced hornets, paper nests in trees, shrubs, gardens, or yellow jacket ground nests (yellow jackets entering single hole in ground like an airport) on your home/ property.

You can add carpenter bees, bumble bees, cicada bees, sand (ground) bees, and honey bees swarm removal to your package as necessary for a small additional fee.


The barrier will kill 100% of active nests currently on the home, and prevent new nests from forming.

It can take 1-2 weeks for all active nests to be eliminated, but the majority of activity will be decreased right away.


Our Wasp/Hornet/Yellow jacket treatments come with our full satisfaction guarantee. If they come back, so do we. This guarantee is good to the end of the current calendar year!

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