Mosquito Reduction Package


The technicians will use a blower mister and will be treating all areas that mosquitoes will live and lay eggs. Places such as, Lower half of trees and their leaves, plants around property, under decking or dark wet sheltered places, dense foliage areas, wood lines and any other area the technician determines.

It includes 6 separate applications that are applied approximately every 21 days. This is important for 2 reasons. 1. This is how long each mosquito breeding and egg cycle will be. 2. This is approximately how long each application will last before it no longer has any effect eliminating mosquitoes and their eggs.

Treatments start at $95

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Keys to Success

You are very important in the success of this program. It’s highly important to not allow any stagnant water to be around your home and yard. The tiniest amounts of standing water instantly become a massive breeding ground. Some items that can cause this are: Old tires, bird baths, buckets, gutters that do not drain or are not cleaned out, empty plant pots, small kids pools, tarps, or anything else that may be around that you can think of or see. Please keep these items empty of water and this will begin to stop the mosquito cycle.

Since mosquitoes can fly good distances, it is helpful that you suggest to your neighbors these same valuable tips around their property. It’s also very helpful if you can get close by neighbors to have this same program done on their property. Either by us or another company.


The treatment begins to work as desired within minutes after the application.


This is a mosquito reduction plan and will eliminate a great majority of mosquitoes around your home. There is NO way to ever guarantee 100% relief. Most customers see between 75% to 100% relief as compared to the years previous without our plan.

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