Carpenter Ant Full Treatment


There are 2 parts to this treatment, an inside treatment and an outside treatment.


On the inside the technician will be inspecting all areas of the home as needed, this includes basements, crawlspaces, attics, bathrooms, kitchens, other rooms, etc. The technician will treat all rooms as needed to eliminate the ant colony(s).

If we can track the location of the nest, the technician will treat as need, this may include dusting certain wall voids. Sometimes we can’t always find the colony, but this is ok because we will use a special treatment that is invisible to the ants, allowing them to carry the treatment back the the colony and self destruct within 3 weeks.


The carpenter ant barrier treatment was designed to prevent satellite ant colonies in your home.

The queen ant and her colony live in a tree within 100 yards of your residence, and can build up to 10 satellite nests nearby per year, including in the walls of your home. There can be up to 10,000 ants in one satellite nest alone!

Treatments start at $325

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Allow 3 full weeks for the treatment to run its full course. You may see some live and many dead ants during this time.

The purpose of the barrier is to prevent new satellite colonies from forming inside of your home. You may see occasional carpenter ants on the exterior of your home or in the yard.


Our Carpenter Ant treatment come with our full satisfaction guarantee with this promise lasting one year from the date of service.

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