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Why Bat Infestations Are Common In New York Homes?

    Why Bat Infestations Are Common In New York Homes?

    The state of New York is home to several bat species, many of which frequently find their way into homes and buildings. One species that is commonly removed from homes is the little brown bat. This bat is the most abundant bat species within the United States and they are often found within buildings and homes during the summer months. The big brown bat is abundant in New York, and they are notable not only for their size, but also for being the only cave bats in New York that commonly overwinter within homes and buildings.

    Many New York state residents may not be surprised to learn that the rate of reported bat encounters increases dramatically as the summer season progresses within the state. Last year it was reported that the number of monthly bat encounters jumped from 60 to 70 per month to a whopping 300 in Erie County. These 300 bat encounters occurred in Erie County during the month of August, which is commonly known as “bat month”. During 2017, half of the 723 bat encounters reported by residents in the county occurred during August. So why are bat encounters, most of which occur in homes, so numerous during August in upstate New York? According to experts, the reason has to do with bat offspring that are eager to fly.

    The bats living in upstate New York typically birth their offspring during the month of June, and once August arrives, the bat offspring, now in their adolescence, have gained the ability to fly. Unfortunately, much like a 16 year old that is excited to drive his/her new car, juvenile bats that have recently learned to fly make bad decisions while airborne, such as flying into people’s homes. Juvenile bats are not strong fliers so they often become tired while flying. Once young bats become fatigued from flying, they often land on the roofs of houses and buildings. These young bats then proceed to invade homes where they sometimes become stuck. Although bats are certainly undesirable wildlife pests to have in a home, they are largely harmless and afraid of humans. Contacting a pest control professional to remove a bat from a home as opposed to killing one is strongly recommended by pest control and animal control professionals.

    Have you ever found a bat within your home?

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