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Which Fly Pests Are Known For Infesting Homes In Upstate New York?

    Which Fly Pests Are Known For Infesting Homes In Upstate New York?

    Which Fly Pests Are Known For Infesting Homes In Upstate New York?

    Most people consider bees, wasps and mosquitoes to be the only potentially dangerous types of winged insects that can harm humans in the United States. As it happens, several species of fly also pose a threat to Americans. Flies may not sting like bees or wasps, and unlike mosquitoes, flies are not responsible for epidemics of insect-borne disease, but some flies that look no different than your typical housefly can both bite and spread disease. In fact, experts suspect even the typical house fly to be a vector for over 65 types of disease, including typhoid, tuberculosis, and leprosy. Luckily, the diseases that flies do sometimes spread are easily manageable with modern medicine, and flies are not responsible for any modern disease epidemics in the US. However, flies can also inflict painful bites, and some potentially dangerous species are known to infest homes.

    If you live in the state of New York, then you probably dread the annual emergence of black flies, as these flies are known for their massive swarms and their itchy bites. Black flies are abundant outdoors, and rarely cause a nuisance indoors, but this is not the case with all fly species in the New York area. Sharp-eyed residents of the state may notice that the spring season brings a few different types of flies into people’s homes. However, most residents have no way of knowing if the flies that gravitate indoors are dangerous or benign.

    In New York state, fruit flies, blowflies, cluster flies and house flies are often found infesting homes. Flies are attracted to just about anything that can rot, such as grass clippings, manure, trash, and of course, animal carcasses. If fruit flies and blowflies are found within a home, then a source of rotting material likely exists somewhere within the home. But when it comes to the indoor presence of cluster and house flies, the source of foul material is likely located outdoors near the home. Even after finding the source of rotting material, fly infestations can linger within a home. In order to eradicate a fly infestation, all eggs and maggot sites within and outside of a home must be tracked down and destroyed. In most cases of heavy fly infestations within homes, contacting a pest control professional is a necessity.

    Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a fly swarm?


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