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Which Fly Pests Breed Primarily Within Indoor Drains, And Why?

    Which Fly Pests Breed Primarily Within Indoor Drains, And Why?

    The types of insect pests that invade and infest homes differ somewhat from region-to-region, but some insect pests can be found in virtually all regions of the world. Ants, flies, bed bugs, termites and cockroaches are the most commonly encountered insect pests in homes throughout the US, but fly pests are particularly problematic in the northeast. The most serious indoor fly infestations often occur within homes that contain sources of filth. This is because most fly species reproduce only on pathogen rich organic matter, including excrement, rotting food, and dead animals. Some indoor fly pests breed almost exclusively on bacteria found in pipes and drains, which makes infestations especially difficult to eradicate.

    Multiple species of fruit fly, moth fly, and phorid fly commonly establish household infestations that are associated with drains and/or plumbing. The types of flies that breed in drains are noticeably smaller in size than common houseflies, and they are often mistaken for gnats. While fruit flies, as their name suggests, prefer to breed on decaying fruit, their indoor presence is usually associated with drains, and in some cases, rotting food beneath appliances and in garbage receptacles. Moth flies and phorid flies are also aptly referred to as “drain flies,” as their indoor presence is almost always associated with drains.

    Many pest control professionals find fruit flies and moth flies to be the most difficult types of fly pests to eradicate from infested homes. This is largely due to their ability to reproduce on exceedingly small bits of drain scum, which makes adequately sanitizing drains a difficult task within infested homes. In order to properly clean drains for the purpose of fruit and drain fly control, the drain-screen must be removed before scraping off all bits of visible organic matter found within the drain and beneath and around its lip. Pouring corrosive cleaning products down drains before scraping off scummy buildup, will not remedy fly pest problems. While liquid cleaners may kill larvae, their breeding spots will remain. However, pouring drain cleaner is recommended following the removal of all scummy buildup.

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