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Two Raccoons That Thoroughly Ransacked The Home Of A Vacationing Couple Were Captured Hiding In The Bathroom

    Two Raccoons That Thoroughly Ransacked The Home Of A Vacationing Couple Were Captured Hiding In The Bathroom

    Raccoons can be mischievous creatures, as numerous people have learned first-hand. When trash is found strewn about on residential property, raccoons are often the primary suspects. However, many people rarely, if ever, catch a raccoon red-handed while indulging in these destructive acts. Acts of raccoon vandalism are often isolated incidents that are not repeated, but sometimes, one single incident is enough to rack up thousands of dollars in property damages. This is especially the case when raccoons find their way inside of homes. When these nocturnal critters manage to gain access into an uninhabited house, they will not hesitate to destroy every object in their sight. When this occurs, raccoons mainly focus their destructive and ravenous impulses on a home’s kitchen area. Not long ago, a married couple, Jon and Kathleen Sullivan of Milton, Massachusetts received a call from their daughter who had stopped by their vacation home in order to make sure everything was in order. Unfortunately for the owners of the up-scale home, it appeared as though their home had been rampaged by wild animals. In this particular case, the wild animal culprits were, of course, two juvenile raccoons, and they inflicted 80,000 dollars in property damage.

    When the couple’s daughter visited the fancy home located within the affluent neighborhood of Indian Cliffs, she found the home in tremendous disarray, as plates and bowls were found shattered on the ground, the stuffing was torn out of furniture and food was scattered all over the floor. The home was such a mess that the daughter initially assumed that robbers had broken in, so she called the police after notifying her parents. While inspecting the house, police officers found two young raccoons hiding behind one of the bathroom toilets. The lucky raccoons were later released into the woods by police once they were found to be free of disease, and after they had caused 80,000 dollars in damage to the home. Unfortunately, the couple’s insurance did not cover the damages.

    Have you ever found a wild animal within your home?


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