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The Distinctive Signs Of A Norway Rat Infestation

    The Distinctive Signs Of A Norway Rat Infestation

    Norway rats need to survive the cold just like everyone else, and in the fall, the best odds of survival are found inside our homes. This is when most rat infestations start, although rats can enter the home at any time for any reason. As such, it’s important to know which signs rats leave behind when they infest a home.

    Gnaw marks

    As rats wander around an environment, they will have to chew on various materials. They engage in this behavior, because their teeth grow forever, and they need to gnaw constantly in order to keep the teeth from growing too large. You may notice these gnaw marks on baseboards, furniture, cardboard and other wooden objects.

    Distinctive odor

    Rats have a distinctive odor, and you will start to notice this odor around the home as the infestation grows. The odor can be musky, which will indicate the presence of rats, or it can be a rotting smell, which will indicate that a rat has died somewhere in the home. If you notice the latter smell, you are dealing with an emergency, because you want to get the carcass out of the home as soon as possible so that it does not spread any diseases.

    Strange pet behavior

    If you have cats or dogs, you will start to notice that they exhibit strange behavior. They may start scratching at walls, or they may become erratic in certain areas of the home. This strange behavior can be an indication that there are rodents in the home.


    One of the major signs that there is a Norway rat in the home is the presence of droppings. Rat droppings can reach a half of an inch in length, and they will usually resemble black rice. They will be concentrated in one or more areas, and they will indicate that there is a lot of rat activity at those locations. Make sure that when you clean up these droppings, you are wearing gloves and a mask, since they can be filled with pathogens.

    What to do if you notice signs of Norway rat infestation

    If you notice any of the signs mentioned previously, you should get in touch with a pest control pro as soon as possible. A pro will perform an inspection, identify the species responsible for the infestation, and then proceed with the control procedure. For more information about rat infestations, contact us today.

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