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The Outdoor Life Of The Mouse

    The Outdoor Life Of The Mouse

    When we think of mice, we usually think of them being inside our homes. However, mice are also quite adept at living outdoors. They are incredibly adaptable animals, and they are found in pretty much every environment on earth, from the desert to the tundra.

    Living conditions

    You might think that mice live in burrows outdoors, but that is not exactly true. While some mice may take up residence in a burrow, most will build their nests in rock or wood piles, along ditches or in piles of brush or vegetation. A lot of mice will also set up near human buildings, but not enter them, at least not until the temperatures drop.

    The nests will be built out of various materials that the mice can find in their environments. Indoors, these materials could be yarn, insulation, tissues, paper towels, or fabric. Outdoors, the mice will use animal fur, shredded grass, leaves, plant stems, and any human-manufactured materials that are soft.

    The outdoors diet

    When outdoors, rats will look for grains, seeds and insects to feed on, and sometimes, they will even eat small animals or other animal carcasses if they can find them. Some mouse species are more likely to eat meat than others – for example, the deer mouse. The deer mouse will eat slugs, snails, larvae, baby birds and even other mice.

    When indoors, mice will have a similar diet. They will go for anything that is out in the open, and everything that they can get too. They are especially fond of pet food, since it contains all the right nutrients, and it’s been designed to be delicious to animals.

    When do mice enter the home?

    Life outdoors can be tough, especially during the winter. Food becomes scarce, the temperatures start to drop, and the predators continue to roam. It doesn’t take long for the home to look very inviting to a mouse.

    Once mice set up in the home, they start reproducing, spreading diseases, and causing damage to the home. This is why mouse infestations are so dangerous, and why you need to take action as soon as you notice the first signs that a mouse is present indoors. The best way to tackle a mouse infestation is with the help of a pro, and if you have an infestation, or if you have any questions about the mouse control process, you can contact us today.

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