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Man Transports Hundreds Of Spiders From His Infested Home To A Local Gym

    Man Transports Hundreds Of Spiders From His Infested Home To A Local Gym

    Dangerous spiders are not much of a problem in upstate New York, as the relatively cold climate in the region does not favor the survival of many of the most venomous species, including recluse species. The northern black widow is one of the most dangerous species in the US, and while this species does inhabit New York, black widows are rarely spotted in the state, especially up north. However, Cheiracanthium mildei and C. inclusum, are two common spider species in the state that are often found indoors where they have been known to bite humans without provocation. These two aggressive species are both known as yellow-sac spiders, and several documented case reports describe these species as inflicting dangerous bites that can lead to tissue necrosis, similar to the brown recluse. Although dangerous spider species are rarely a problem in upstate New York, they can still pose a nuisance when large numbers congregate in homes.

    One man who recently moved to upstate New York has been struggling to control massive amounts of spiders that have been invading his home since he moved in a few months ago. The man believes that his home’s location near a wooded area is to blame for his ongoing spider infestation. Since he moved in, the homeowner has grown accustomed to checking his shoes for spiders, as he has found numerous spiders in his shoes several times in the past. However, one day he was late for his daily workout at the local gym, so he put his shoes on in a hurry without first checking them for a spider presence. Once he removed his shoes at the gym, hundreds of spiders began swarming out of said shoes and began scattering around the locker room. Most of the spiders appeared young, and they were moving about within his socks, but what is particularly horrifying was the large mother spider he found wedged in between his toes. After this man posted his story to Reddit, numerous similar stories flooded in from people who had also suffered through spider infestation in their upstate New York home. While spiders are generally harmless, large numbers can be problematic, especially if they build a large amount of nuisance webs in a home. Sealing cracks, crevices and other entry points on a home’s exterior walls can help to prevent spiders from entering a home, and pest controllers can be contacted for extensive infestations.

    Have you ever found a large number of spiders grouped together in your house?

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