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What Are Garden Spiders?

    What Are Garden Spiders?

    We’ve all come across the striking garden spider, with its massive, circular webs and black-and yellow coloration. But what sets these spiders apart? Are they dangerous? Let’s find out.


    While there are many spider species that can set up in the garden, the species known as the garden spider has quite a distinctive appearance. This species is also referred to as the common yellow garden spider, the corn spider and the writing spider. The first two names are an indication of what this spider looks like – black with yellow spots and stripes. These spiders also have very long legs that can reach up to three inches in length. The males of the species tend to be smaller than the females and have a less striking coloration.


    The garden spider creates large elaborate webs that can reach diameters of up to two feet. The webs have the typical shape of several concentric rings built on top of radial lines of spider web. The spider will usually sit in the center of the web, from where it can sense any vibrations that happen anywhere around it. The female of the species will weave larger webs than the males, and a web will be usable for months on end if it is properly maintained.

    Are garden spiders dangerous?

    Garden spiders do have venom and they have fangs long enough to pierce the skin, but the bite is not dangerous. The reaction to the bite will be comparable to a bee sting, with pain and swelling that goes away after a few hours. The bites are also fairly rare, and the spiders will only bite in self-defense if they are picked up or squeezed.

    How are garden spiders controlled?

    When dealing with a garden spider infestation, your best bet to have it fully removed is to work with a pro. A pro is able to remove the spiders that are out in the open and their nets, and then apply various insecticides and treatments that will kill spiders that are hidden. The pro will also be able to detect any other species that may be infesting your property, determine the reasons behind the infestation, and help with prevention efforts.

    If you have any questions about garden spiders, how they are controlled, and how you can prevent future infestations, or if you have an infestation and you need the help of a pest control company to have it removed, contact us today.


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