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Thousands of Daddy Long Legs Recorded Huddling Next to Heating Vent

    Thousands of Daddy Long Legs Recorded Huddling Next to Heating Vent

    Daddy long legs are one of the few arachnids that most people don’t seem to be too afraid of. While they look like spiders, these arachnids are technically not spiders, but another type of arachnid called a harvester. With their long legs, tiny body, and altogether less than frightening appearance make them one arachnid that people can handle approaching without screaming in terror. They are kind of like the friendly ambassadors of arachnids, in the way that ladybugs are the friendly ambassadors of other insects, being one of the few that most people are comfortable handling. However, while one or two daddy long legs may not be a very frightening sight, hundreds of them bunched together can certainly cause a person to look at them a little warily.

    One Alaskan man, Thomas Glass, living in Dillingham recently came upon a less than welcoming sight of these daddy long legs. Glass made sure to capture his experience on video to share with the rest of the world when he discovered a massive bundle of what looked like hair sitting right next to his heating vent. However, as he brushes his hand through the mass in the video, it quickly becomes clear that what looks like hair is actually a bunch of living creatures huddled together. These creatures turned out to be dozens if not hundreds of daddy long legs bundled together and clinging to the heating vent in an effort to keep warm. It is rather unsettling when you see what looks like strands of hair suddenly scrabble apart as Glass touches them to reveal that they are in fact a ton of these arachnids literally tangled together in a giant mass to preserve heat. Glass claims it is not unusual for him to see daddy long legs running across the ground looking for somewhere they can keep warm when it gets cold. However, he says he has never seen this many grouped together before.

    Have you ever seen a mass of daddy long legs bunched together in one giant mass in order to keep warm?



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