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The German Cockroach Can Fit Through A Crack In A Home’s Foundation

    The German Cockroach Can Fit Through A Crack In A Home’s Foundation

    Experts say that there are between 4,000 and 7,500 cockroach species in the world today, but experts do not always agree about how cockroaches should be classified. Most roaches are not considered pests, and the average New York state resident has probably never seen more than five or six different cockroach species in his/her lifetime. So far, at least 70 cockroaches have been documented within the United States, but the number of cockroach species varies from state to state in the country. For example, in Maine, only around five or six cockroach species regularly inhabit the state, while Florida is home to at least 41 described cockroach species, but not all of these species are considered pests in human structures. When it comes to cockroach infestations in upstate New York, the German cockroach tends to prompt the greatest amount of calls to pest control professionals, but the American cockroach is also commonly found within structures in the state.

    The German cockroach, though relatively small in size, can reproduce at rapid rates, making their infestations particularly stubborn and hard to control. In fact, experts claim that one single pair of German mates could produce enough offspring in one year to fill a home with roach offspring measuring one meter in depth. Understandably, pest controllers face a great challenge when it comes to eradicating these pests from homes and buildings. Most cockroach species can live for a full month without food, and one week without water. Amazingly, if a cockroach becomes decapitated, the specimen will go on living for a full week until it dies from a lack of water, as opposed to a lack of head. A male roach can enter a home with little effort, as a crack no larger than the width of a quarter is sufficient for a male to find to find a home in a basement or cellar. However, the relatively large female needs a crack the size of  two stacked nickels in order to slip into a home, while she’s pregnant, that is. Roaches can also hold their breath underwater for 40 minutes before dying, so basically, every rumor that you have ever heard about cockroaches is true, including the fact that they can survive the tremendously high radiation levels that would result from a thermonuclear explosion. Although they are disgusting, it cannot be denied that roaches are likely the most resilient organisms on the planet.

    Have you ever used roach repellent to kill a cockroach? If you have, did you succeed?

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