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More Than 3 Million Cockroaches In A 2 Family Home

    More Than 3 Million Cockroaches In A 2 Family Home

    Cockroaches are not only revolting insects, but they are also notorious for their ability to establish large infestations within homes. Obviously, cockroach infestations are frequent within New York City apartments, but cockroach issues in upstate New York dwellings should not be overlooked. Most people would guess that the largest documented cockroach infestation in history likely occurred within some rundown apartment in the Big Apple, but this is not the case, but the largest in-home roach infestation ever recorded did occur within the state of New York.

    Back in 1979, the Schenectady Board of Public Health caught wind of a severe roach infestation within a two-family dwelling in the city, so they dispatched a distinguished pest control professional to the home. Sure enough, once the pest control operator arrived at the home, he rapidly learned that a massive amount of cockroaches, fleas and other insects had established a significant presence in the dwelling. In addition to the insect pests, the home was inhabited by two elderly women who were found to have numerous flea bites covering their body. The home also contained 24 dogs and 20 cats, and it was clear that the two elderly women were not fully aware of the health hazards posed by the seemingly unlivable conditions.

    After a thorough inspection, the pest controller determined that the home had been infested with at least 3 million German cockroaches that were located out in the open, beneath floors, in wall-voids, ceilings, the attic and just about everywhere else. While the pest controller worked with city officials to formulate a plan to exterminate the insects, the roaches suddenly emerged from the home where they flooded into nearby yards, houses, streets, and sewer lines. In fact, even the ambulance that took the two ladies to the hospital needed to be treated for a roach infestation. The house was bulldozed and many of the roaches were killed with heavy and long lasting insecticide sprayings.

    Are you surprised that the two elderly women survived the infestation?



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