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Norway Rat Infestations Outside Of The Home

    Norway Rat Infestations Outside Of The Home

    Having a Norway rat infestation inside the home is terrible, but outdoor infestations, despite not being as dangerous, can be just as much of a headache. There is a lot of space in your backyard or on a farm, and there can be a lot of food sources as well. Here is what you can expect if you have an outdoor Norway rat infestation.

    Norway rats in the backyard

    There are several objects and materials that could draw Norway rats to your backyard. One of these objects is the bird feeder. Bird feeders are full of seeds, and rats love seeds. Rats are also drawn to compost, which they use both for shelter and food. Another big draw is garbage. Make sure that your garbage containers are lidded, so that rats cannot access them.

    Once in the backyard, the rats might make a burrow, and start reproducing, especially if they start the infestation during the spring or summer. Then when the temperatures drop, the rats will try to enter the home and take shelter there.

    Norway rats on a farm

    Rat infestations on the farm can be very destructive. The rats will eat eggs, eat baby chicken, break into food stores and contaminate them with diseases, and spread around various parasites. Rats can really thrive on farms, with the open space, lack of predators and access to a number of plentiful food sources. This means that their population will explode and the damage that they can do increases exponentially.

    Luckily, there are several things that can be done to prevent a full blown infestation, and these include using special fencing designed to keep rodents out and sealing all food storage areas to prevent rodent infiltration. Traps and poisons can also be used preventively, but it’s best to hire a pro when using poisons outdoors, because you will need a permit in most areas.

    Controlling outdoor Norway rat infestations

    It’s best to work with a pro whenever you are dealing with an outdoor Norway rat infestation. These infestations can be very hard to control, and they may require the use of poisons, which have to be handled by a professional when deployed outdoors. A pro can also help you implement preventive measures to stop any future infestations from happening.

    For more information on how to deal with outdoor Norway rat infestations, or if you currently have a rat infestation on your property, contact us today.

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