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How To Tell Bees And Wasps Apart

    How To Tell Bees And Wasps Apart

    Sometimes it can be hard to tell bees and wasps apart. They both buzz, fly around, and are black with yellow stripes. However, once you know what to look for, it won’t take more than a fleeting glance to be able to identify the species. In this article, we’re going to go over the distinctions between these two insects.


    Wasps and bees are part of the same order of insects – the Hymenoptera. However, they are quite different in appearance. Bees are slightly smaller, with a rounder body that is covered in fuzz. They are black with orange or yellow stripes. Wasps on the other hand have a more elongated body that is smooth and shiny. They also have a narrow-waist and their colors appear brighter.


    The two species also differ in their habits and behaviors. Bee colonies for example can reach populations of 75,000 members, while the largest wasp colonies will have about 10,000. Wasp colonies are abandoned in the winter, with most of the members dying off, and the queen going into hibernation. Bees on the other hand will not abandon their colonies as the weather cools off. Instead, they will live off the honey supplies that they have built during the summer, and they manage to heat themselves thanks to the large number of workers that are in a colony.

    Wasp species also do not produce honey. Instead, they are hunters and scavengers, looking for meat, insects, sugars and similar foods while the weather is warm. Some wasp species are capable of pollination. When it comes to stinging, wasps can sting multiple times, while bees can only sting once and then they die after the attack.


    Bees and wasps are mostly treated using similar methods. The aim of any control effort targeting these insects is to kill the queen of the colony and as many members as possible, before removing the nest from the property. However, there are situations in which it’s best to transplant a bee colony and hand it over to a professional beekeeper, since bees are quite beneficial to the environment and they have a lot of economic value. If you have a bee or a wasp nest on your property, and you would like to have it removed as soon as possible, contact us today and we will set up an appointment right away.

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