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How To Mice Proof Your Home

    How To Mice Proof Your Home

    As we all know from having the flu – prevention is better than treatment. The same is true for mouse infestations. If you can stop them before they even begin, you will be much better off, and one of the best ways to do this is to mouse-proof your home and prevent the mice from gaining access to it in the first place.

    The indoor inspection

    There will be two layers through which the mice have to pass in order to enter the home – the inside wall and the exterior wall. If you managed to find all of the possible entry points and seal them on the inside of the wall, odds are that the mice won’t get far. Of course, you want to seal the exterior as well, because when mice set up in wall voids they will chew on insulation and wiring, but the holes in the home are easier to find, because there are only a few possible locations for them. The locations include near any pipes that go through the wall and the areas around the doors and windows. You might also want to check your basement and attic to be as thorough as possible.

    The outdoor inspection

    The outdoor inspection is going to be a little more difficult but the same principles apply. If anything goes through the wall, such as a pipe or wiring, make sure to check around it to see if there are any gaps that are large enough for a mouse to pass through. There may also be cracks near the foundation of the home, loose shingles, some entry points near the doors or windows, and openings near the garage.

    Other prevention options

    Besides mouse-proofing the walls of your home, you can also take other effective prevention measures. To start, you want to keep all of the food in the home sealed. You then want to have lids on all of your garbage cans, both indoors and outdoors. Lastly, make sure that you do not keep any clutter in the home, because it’s a big draw for all manner of pests, especially mice.

    Hiring a pro for the job

    Besides pest control services, some companies will offer prevention services as well. Pros have a lot more experience when it comes to detecting pest entry points into the home and sealing them, so going with a pro can save you a lot of headache. For more information about mouse prevention, or if you require the help of a pest control company, contact us today.

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