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Do The Cockroaches Found In Upstate New York Dwell Solely Within Structures, And Can Their Eggs Be Found Indoors?

    Do The Cockroaches Found In Upstate New York Dwell Solely Within Structures, And Can Their Eggs Be Found Indoors?

    Multiple cockroach pest species invade homes in upstate New York where they spread disease-causing microorganisms, worsen allergy symptoms and congregate behind walls and other areas within a home that are difficult to access. The two most common cockroach pest species that infest homes in the region are American cockroaches and German cockroaches. American cockroaches are the largest roach pests in the US, and they are known for inhabiting sewers and other filthy environments in addition to homes and buildings. This species is known as a “peridomestic” cockroach species, which means it dwells primarily outdoors but settles within homes frequently.

    The German cockroach is the most commonly encountered indoor roach pest species in all areas of the US, and their smaller size relative to American cockroaches allow them to hide within a variety of concealed indoor areas where they tend to congregate in large numbers. Unlike the American species, German cockroaches are “domestic” insect pests, meaning that they have adapted to living indoors. The German cockroaches’ indoor habitat and wide distribution explains their commonality within homes, but this is not the only domestic speies that can be found in upstate New York homes.

    The brown-banded cockroach is another domestic species that is found in northern New York, and like the German cockroach, brown-banded cockroaches grow to be around half an inch in body length. Compared to brown-banded cockroaches, the German cockroach is in greater need of high-moisture conditions, which is why these roaches are often found in bathrooms and kitchens. Brown-banded cockroaches are generally more spread out within homes, but they prefer to secure shelter within hot areas, such as behind heat-generating appliances and near heating vents under furniture. Since both German and brown-banded cockroaches dwell within indoor habitats, they both produce viable eggs within homes. German cockroach females carry their eggs for a period of one to two days until they hatch larvae, but brown-banded cockroaches attach their egg cases to ceilings, walls behind picture frames, within closets, furniture and other dark indoor areas.

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