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A Raccoon Mother Broke Into A Camaro Before Giving Birth In The Back Seat

    A Raccoon Mother Broke Into A Camaro Before Giving Birth In The Back Seat

    Although raccoons can be troublesome animals, most people consider the marsupials to be cute, and this is especially the case when it comes to their babies. However, one owner of a slick looking Chevy Camaro may be holding a grudge against the animals, as a raccoon mother felt the need to enter his car before giving birth to two kits in the back seat. But that is not all, for some reason the raccoons inflicted extensive damages to the car’s interior. Despite the vehicle being closed and almost completely sealed, the raccoon mother managed to access the vehicle through a plastic sheet covering a window.

    Animal control officer, Devon Straight of Wildlife Inc., was called upon to remove the three raccoons from the car. Straight posted pictures of the raccoon mother and her two kits to Facebook where it quickly generated thousands of likes. The pictures are adorable despite the mother appearing quite nervous. Unfortunately for the vehicles owner, the raccoons ripped up the car seats, opened up compartments, and perhaps worst of all, urinated heavily. The baby raccoons were not found immediately, as one was located in the trunk beneath the spare tire. The other kit was found in the backseat along with the mother.

    Obviously, raccoons are not in the habit of nesting within sports cars, but according to experts, vehicles provide an ideal substitute for typical raccoon dens. This because a vehicle’s interior is free of predators and loud noises. One expert claimed that raccoons give birth within human dwellings all of the time, most often within attics and other isolated spaces that offer protection from outside threats. In order to ensure the survival of her kits, female raccoons must secure a safe den for several weeks until the offspring mature to the point where they can fend for themselves. The rescue team released the raccoons within a wooded area where they believe the critters will have an easy time settling into their natural habitat.

    Have you ever spotted a raccoon mother and her kits during the daytime hours?

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