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A Neighborhood Resident Captured Video Footage Of A Group Of Skunks Partying Within His Swimming Pool

    A Neighborhood Resident Captured Video Footage Of A Group Of Skunks Partying Within His Swimming Pool

    Raccoons may rummage through your trash at night, nest within your attic or dig holes in your yard, but for many people, raccoons are too cute to stay mad at. At least this is how one man from west University, Texas feels about the critters. Bo Rodriguez did not have the heart to kick raccoons out of his pool after hearing the animals making a commotion on his back patio a few nights ago. Rather than call animal control or kick them out himself, Rodriguez captured adorable video footage of the raccoons taking a dip within his backyard pool. Judging by the video footage, which is available for viewing online, the raccoons seemed to be enjoying their pool party.

    Rodriguez said that he first became aware of the raccoons at 4:00 A.M., as they had been making quite a ruckus in his backyard. The gaze, which is the formal term for a group of raccoons, could be heard squeaking at each other while another raccoon ran laps around the pool. With the exception of the running raccoon, all of the raccoons can be seen on the video footage as excitedly enjoying their aquatic adventure. Eventually, the raccoons scurried away in response to the barking of a neighbor’s dog.

    In other raccoon news, a woman living in the town of Seaforth in Ontario, Canada spotted a rarely seen albino raccoon outside of her home a few days ago. Initially, the woman, Tracy Nash, thought that the animal was an opossum, but upon further inspection, she discovered that it was actually an albino raccoon. The albino raccoon even felt comfortable enough to spend a few minutes resting on Tracy’s windowsill before eventually scampering away. Of course, albino raccoons are rare, very rare, as only one albino raccoon exists out of every 750,000 raccoons. In fact, you are more likely to be struck by lighting than you are to spot an albino raccoon.

    If you found raccoons in your swimming pool would you respond to their presence in the same lighthearted manner as the man in the story did?


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