Squirrel Removal


Town & Country Solutions has been trapping and controlling squirrels for over 30 years.. Whether you have squirrels destroying your insulation, chewing electrical wires, or chewing holes in your eaves and roof, our wildlife experts have all the knowledge and tools needed to trap or remove any squirrel on your property.

We take pride in being able to solve any squirrel problem from start to finish. Not only will our wildlife experts trap or remove your squirrels, we have the tools needed to repair and prevent them from ever coming back again!

Treatments start at $350

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Town & Country Solutions has the tools and experience to solve your squirrel problem. Upon arrival our techs will inspect your property for any entry points that will give these rodents an invite into your home. We will then seal all of the small holes, cracks, and crevices that allow them to enter your property. If they are nesting in your home we will install trap doors allowing them to leave but not come back! And if a squirrel happen to get loose inside your home, our fearless technicians have the ability to remove it and relocate it.


4 month guarantee! If the squirrels come back so do we!

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