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What’s in my Basement?

    What’s in my Basement?

    A basement can be many different things for a home. It could be a man cave. It could be a game room. It could just be used as extra storage space. Whatever your basement is used for, it is best that it is pest free. Some of the most common bugs found in basements include cockroaches, spiders, centipedes and crickets.

    No one likes seeing a cockroach, especially not in the darkest spot in the house. Oriental cockroaches like to reside under debris or sewers and usually enter through door thresholds, floor drains and utility pipes. Oriental cockroaches thrive in spaces that are not well maintained and have a large amount of moisture build-up so it is important to make sure that your basement is well taken care of.

    Spiders enjoy spinning their webs in dark and moist climates which is why basements are great homes for most arachnids. A common species seen in basements are the long-bodied cellar spiders. The spiders are harmless to humans but can feel unpleasant and uneasy to run into one. Other spiders such as house spiders and black widows can also reside in basements.

    Centipedes are carnivorous and like to eat on flies, crickets and spiders. Centipedes like to prey in “dark and damp environments,” making basements a perfect spot to find food. These insects are creepy to run into given their dozens of legs and bizarre looks. These arthropods are nocturnal and usually like to hide during the day.

    The most commonly seen crickets in basements are camel crickets. These pests have a “humpback” appearance and like to come indoors if the weather is too hot and dry for them to handle. These crickets are attracted to damp basements and garages. Such as centipedes, the camel crickets are nocturnal so you are more likely to see these pests at night.

    We here at Town and Country Pest Solutions understand that any space in your home should be pest free. These are only a few of the bugs that may enter your basement during the year but we want to make sure that none ever do. If you are having pest-related issues in your basement or any other parts of your home, contact us today and we can come help.

    What is the worst pest you’ve seen in your basement?

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