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What Causes Mice Infestations?

    What Causes Mice Infestations?

    The presence of house mice is a problem for homeowners. These unwelcomed houseguests create a lot of mess, cause a lot of damage and transmit diseases. If you’ve spotted even a single mouse in or around your house, that is reason enough to worry. Moreover, if you do not initiate control measures immediately, after spotting initial signs of mice infestation, it can soon turn into a full-blown infestation.

    Mice have a short gestation period and can multiply fast. Therefore, mice in your house are risky and demand urgent actions to curtail them before they begin to wreak havoc in your house. But, before we know prevention methods, it is important to understand the reason that causes the infestation of house mice.

    Without much ado, let’s begin.

    Factors That Contribute To Mice Infestation

    1. Change in Climate

    Mice are also impacted by climatic changes, just like us. When the weather becomes extreme, mice tend to migrate in search of areas where they can seek shelter to protect themselves and get food for survival. During winters, mice sneak indoors as it offers a warm environment along with food sources in abundance. During the winter period, you are most likely to suffer mice infestation.

    1. Favorable Environment 

    Our house is full of food, warmth, and hiding places for rodents. If your house doesn’t offer any of these, mice will seldom stay. Make your house less favorable or maybe the harshest place for mice to keep them away. Doing this will encourage mice to leave your house, and find a friendlier place where they can nest and survive.

    1. Ignorance and Negligence

    Never ignore the initial signs that indicate the presence of mice, such as musty odor, mouse droppings, or the actual sight of mice. Upon identification, you should implement an immediate elimination plan. Any negligence will lead to a severe infestation in no time. Mice multiply very fast, and they are going to make the situation worse and may soon dominate your house if no action is taken on time.

    Prevention Tips for a Mice-Free Home

    Listed below are some sure-fire tips that will keep mice away for good:

    • No Entry:Mice can squeeze in through the smallest openings. Therefore, seal up all the gaps and holes to eliminate all the entry points. This will deter the mouse from entering your house.
    • Unconducive Environment:Try to make the environment inhospitable for rodents and other pests. You can do this by regular cleanliness, declutter, keeping all the foodstuffs away in air-tight containers, and fixing your house to prevent their entry.
    • Baits and Traps:You can set baits and traps to get rid of mice. Place traps strategically in high activity regions of mice. Move the traps if needed. When you are using baits, make it more attractive by using foods, such as peanut butter, oatmeal, dried fruits, and bacon.
    • Pets: Get a Tom to get rid of Jerry from your house. Using natural predators, such as cats, and dogs is helpful to get rid of mice and will give a significant boost to your mice-control efforts.
    • Consistency is the Key:Once you have managed to get mice from your house. Don’t just relax yet! Maintain regular cleanliness and schedule pest inspection frequently to ensure that mice do not make a comeback.

    Wrapping Up

    Mice infestation can wreak havoc in your house if you do not initiate the mice control process immediately or do not use the right strategies. If mice infestation is beyond your control, seek the immediate help of pest control professionals.

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