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The Strange And Unusual Hiding Places Of Bed Bugs!

    The Strange And Unusual Hiding Places Of Bed Bugs!

    The last things anyone living on this planet wants to think about are bed bugs and the places they hide in. Bed bugs, as the name suggests, they are mostly found in and around the bed area. However, the truth is very different. Bed bugs are excellent in hiding, and therefore, these minuscule critters hide in places that are beyond our imagination.

    Bed bugs do not discriminate between clean or dirty, organized or messy, and public or personal spaces. Bed bugs are found to live in a variety of human environments. Moreover, they can also detect host-seeking signals from three feet away to be approximate.

    With that said, let’s unveil the secret of bed bugs and look at the most unusual places where bed bugs are found.

    • Alarm Clocks:Bed bugs are often found in alarm clocks as most people tend to keep their alarm clocks close to their beds, and since bed bugs are extremely small, it becomes easy for bed bugs to hide in alarm clocks and wait for humans to sleep.
    • Books:If you have books piled up in your attic or basement for a long time, it is susceptible to bed bug infestation, especially if you don’t read them. However, this only happens in case of a severe bed bug infestation.
    • Laundry Baskets and Clothing:Bed bugs love clothes. If your clothes are left unused in the cupboard or if you leave clothes in your laundry basket, you may soon find bed bugs crawling on them. Moreover, laundry baskets are often kept in bedrooms where human activity is high, making it a perfect hiding spot for bed bugs.
    • Ceilings, Walls, and Picture Frames: Similar to other pests, bed bugs too are nocturnal creatures who hide during the daytime. They often climb up the wall or behind a picture frame and come out during the night. You may find bed bugs hiding in cracks and crevices in your walls only if there is a severe infestation.
    • Carpet Edges and Baseboards: This one is unbelievable but true that bed bugs can also hide in carpet edges and baseboards. You can find bed bugs hide and live in these areas conveniently unnoticed until their population reaches an overwhelming number.
    • Nightstands and Dressers:Bed bugs are also attracted to wood, which makes nightstands and dresser drawers in your bedroom a great camping place for bed bugs. The cracks and crevices in the wooden dressers and drawers act as their hiding spot during day time.
    • Purses: Don’t be surprised if you find bed bugs when you open your purse while shopping. Yes! Bed bugs also prefer to hide in the seams and pockets. Bed bugs make their way into your purse when you leave your purses on the ground or near furniture.
    • Stuffed Animals: Last but the most surprising and concerning place where bed bugs hide is stuffed toys. Kids love to their fluffy friends and take them out and about. This allows the bed bugs to make the fur of the soft toy their next perfect home. This is very risky as your child may suffer bug bites. Washing and drying stuffed animals regularly can kill bed bugs.

    Wrapping Up

    This blog has unfolded the strange places where bed bugs hide. Now we are sure of one thing. DIY treatments will not work unless you find the hiding places of bugs, and it seems that bugs can hide anywhere if given a chance. Hiring a licensed pest professional will save you the hassle as they are trained to find and get rid of bugs. Call us today for a bed bug control estimate!



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