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Common Bugs In Upstate New York Homes

    Common Bugs In Upstate New York Homes

    Nobody wants bugs in their house, but it is a sad fact of life that you can be very certain there are a number of insects that are just dying to come and squat in your home. There are a few specific bugs that you are most likely to deal with when they decide to try and sneak into your house. None of them are particularly dangerous to humans, but I’m certain they give most of us a severe headache when we have to protect our homes from their invasion.

    One of the most common bugs that are scrambling to become your unwanted houseguest are brown marmorated stink bugs. You are probably already quite familiar with this stinky little house pest. While most of us have the urge to stomp on a bug the minute we see it, I highly recommend that you absolutely keep yourself from squishing them in any way. They are called stink bugs for a reason. If you squish these little critters, a horrific odor will be released and permeate your house. Treat them like skunks; you do not want them releasing that smell no matter what. It’s best to just suck them up with a vacuum cleaner. They can also do a number on your garden as well as any plants you have indoors. These stink bugs have piercing, sucking mouthparts that they will use to decimate any plant they can get their hands on.

    There is also a stink bug look-alike that has a tendency to creep into your house while you aren’t looking. The western conifer seed bug looks very similar to stink bugs, but they are totally different insects. These guys tend to hang out most often in places where there are evergreen trees producing cones, as it is the gooey sap inside of the conifer seeds that they like to eat. Now, these insects could just stay outside and go dormant in bad weather, but your warm house is like something akin to a Jamaican paradise to them. They just can’t say no to the temptation of living the good life in that wonderfully warm paradise. Unless you make sure every nook and cranny in your windows, doors, walls, etc. of your house are tightly sealed, these guys are going to crawl on in, but they can be easily sucked up by a vacuum just like the stink bug.

    What bugs do see most often sneaking inside your home? Which one is your least favorite houseguest?      

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